Installation Hanging Removal Alternative Methods

Light Hanging

Step 1. Attach Clips to Lights

- Install light clips on light string wire (single or multiple wire) at approximately 1 foot intervals. Open the live hinge on the clip only enough to slide the wire into the slot to avoid damaging the clips. It works best to put the clip midway between (rather than directly next to) bulbs, or strands if hanging icicle lights. When using multiple strings make sure male and female plugs are properly spaced and tightly secured so that they can be pulled taut in final installation.

Step 2. Slide Clips on Track

- Load light clips by sliding clips into slot in Storage Track. Use Cam Locks on each end to keep light from falling off track.

- Off load clips from storage track to installed light track.

Step 3. Pull Lights Around Track

- Either by hand or with a puller, advance light clips around the track. Note: Several commercial pole attachments are available and can be made into a puller using a pole such as a broom, mop, or paint hand or bulb changer with a threaded end. You can also easily make such a device.
- Light clips must be “hand walked” around any corner.
- To complete installation, insert a Cam Lock at the beginning of the light string. Go to other end of string and pull string taut. Insert second Cam Lock to hold lights in place and keep them from shifting while they are hanging.

Installation Hanging Removal Alternative Methods
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